Apricot Blossoms
by Chantal Elena Mitchell

I often find myself lost
in the sublime scent of apricot blossoms
at the most unexpected times.
Those moments when my mind
is heavy with fretful thoughts
of things considered to be elements
a normal life. I’m stuck dwelling
on squandered money, regretting
past things I have no hope of ever changing,
until I’m suddenly transported back into reality
by the palpable symphonic vibration of bees
scattered among the sweet smelling blossoms
and the tiny, tender leaves that emerge newly
at the start of the spring. They are letting off a scent
so intoxicating that it captivates the very breath within me,
apparent from my unintended gasp
that escapes swiftly, surprising me suddenly
as I am lost to the throes of childhood desire,
the gap toothed little girl with play-battered knees
digging for worms in the soft, loamy soil.
Yet another me who shrieks with delight
anytime a new flower opens its eyes and greets
the world for the first time. These flowers of later fruit
both cleanse and rejuvenate my mind
with their delicate, invisible lace
which becomes intertwined through me-
entering through the olfactory system;
arising from the ventricles of my heart
and plummeting deep into my belly
until they emerge from my bowels
and softly lift me from the mire
of my own creation,
my uncanny ability to focus
on everything that is bad around me
when I am
surrounded completely
by beauty.

Work in progress.
More to come soon!