Ever Inward

My name is Chantal Elena Mitchell.
I am a child of the desert with a perspective brightened by hues of joy, hope and freedom as a result of the knowledge and strength I have gained throughout my weighted past. I am an artist of traditional, written and spoken medium who works to explore ever inward by continually absorbing the outward: color, tone, touch, emotion, experience. By shedding the weight of my anxieties, I am able to recede deep within myself and return with beautified relics of emotional turmoil- sizeable stones that have been long pressured into bright, glittering diamonds.

“Painted Hills of Pure Love” 19″ x 24″ ink, color pencil on paper 2019

Illustrative, surreal, and sensual.
My work is a gentle nudge of emotional impact, as the unique, fictional women that I bring to life often present a peculiar type of strength, curiosity and beauty within their vulnerability.
Typically I work in pencil, ink, color pencil, acrylic or oil paint.

Recently I discovered the exploration of free form intuition painting, which calls for me to shed all preconceived structure and instead slop paint wildly onto the canvas until an image arises. Typically taking only 5-7 minutes, these paintings are freeing, invigorating and deeply compelling as I find myself becoming lost in the intense emotional stories that these pieces reveal long after they are completed. I cannot wait to see how this artform continues to grow and transform, just as I do.

Below is a series of 6 that were all painted at once.
My only inspiration was the exploration of emotion release.
I painted these pieces within 10 minutes,
left them for three days,
and then named them
based on the first
impulse of emotion.

Six Different Things, At Once Together.
8″x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas 2020

Exuberance. Defiance. Excitement.
Overwhelm. Enrapture. Decadence.

Live Intuition Painting
Desert Archaic Gallery
Truth or Consequences, NM
February 2020

I am 
is inside 
of me- 
at times 
at others

Work in progress.
More to come soon!